Wednesday 30 November 2016



  Registration Opens

8:30am   Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairperson

Richard Maloney
Founder & CEO
Engage & Grow

8:45am   Balancing speed with depth: Training the millennial worker

We are increasingly trying to compress training into shorter, sharper interventions to engage young employees who have grown up in a digitally-saturated culture. But in our rush to engage easily-distracted millennials, have we tried to compress learning just a little too much?

  • Social learning and micro-learning - How quick is too quick when delivering training?
  • Keeping students engaged while delivering just enough, just in time
  • Delivering complex topics in an accelerated mode
  • Engaging without sacrificing quality and depth of learning

Clayton Ilolahia
Head of Organisation Development and Learning
Sydney Opera House

9:30am   How to transform L&D and survive digital disruption

Fairfax has created what they’re describing as ‘a first within big corporate Australia’ – an interactive digital learning hub that requires stakeholders to collaborate on content production. While the majority of HR professionals agree that L&D needs to be transformed, most companies have not taken the big step and acted. Fairfax has completed the L&D transformation and can share the process and key learnings.

  • How Fairfax has ‘blown up’ traditional training
  • Structure of the new multi-disciplinary learning team
  • The innovative Fairfax digital learning strategy and globally cutting edge digital learning platform
  • Modelling engagement and collaboration – key ingredients of self-directed learning
  • How to reboot L&D by leveraging the digital revolution to enact your organisation’s transformation

Nicole Thompson
Learning and Organisation Development Director
Fairfax Media

  Morning refreshments
10:45am   Case study: The benefits of a blended approach to leadership development at Fuji Xerox

A successful leadership development program strengthens and develops future leaders to understand, shape and execute company strategy while inspiring and developing other leaders along the journey. What is the best blend of learning types for an executive development program?

  • Choosing the right hybrid learning model, from rotation to labs and self-blend
  • 70:20:10 – How to capture and control the 70% workplace component
  • Action and experiential learning in a leadership context
  • Balancing online learning with face-to-face learning (and monitoring the outcomes)

Andres Jonmundsson
Head of Learning and Development
Fuji Xerox

  Case study: Big results with a small budget

Generous L&D budgets are just a pipedream for many L&D practitioners, especially those in the not-for-profit sector who need to justify every dollar spent. How do you create impressive results on a shoestring budget? Is this even possible?

  • Deciding what matters the most and what is just ‘nice to have’
  • Tips for negotiating with vendors to get the best price
  • What are the best areas to cut costs while minimising the impact on quality

Ruzika Soldo
People Development Manager
Mission Australia

12:15pm   Networking lunch
1:00pm   Keeping it real - Managing business expectations of what L&D can deliver

Talking up the benefits of L&D can be a double-edged sword. Divisional heads can sometimes be so convinced that they see training as a panacea or magic bullet for organisational problems.  L&D managers need to take a balanced approach to persuade managers to support training programs without overpromising on the results.

  • How to get managers to buy into L&D programs and take responsibility for their results
  • Educating managers about the importance of pre-learning conversations
  • Beyond the classroom – getting managers to engage in post-learning initiatives
  • How to moderate expectations without talking yourself out of budget

Kate Barker
Vice President, Global Executive HR Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors

1:45pm   PANEL: Securing management buy-in for L&D programs

L&D practitioners need to convince financial decision makers of the commercial value of training programs. Without executive support, L&D programs can’t get off the ground. What is the best way to sell the value of L&D programs to the executive team?

  • Articulating the value of L&D, capability development and organisational development initiatives
  • Is L&D rhetoric holding us back from speaking the language of business?
  • Tips for presenting a compelling business case
  • How to get functional managers to commit staff time to learning programs
  • Why are some CEOs and CFOs still reluctant to commit time and money to L&D?

Kate Barker

Vice President, Global Executive HR Advisor
SAP SuccessFactors

Vanessa Blewitt
Learning Effectiveness Lead, Global Training and Learning

Michelle Bevan
Director of Human Resources
TFE Hotels

Andrew Fletcher
Head of Learning

Panel Moderator:
Megan Johnston
Head of Capability & Learning

  Afternoon refreshments
3:15pm   Coaching and mentoring the reluctant learner

Winston Churchill once said: ‘I am always ready to learn although I do not always like being taught’. Every L&D professional has encountered an employee who is resistant to coaching and mentoring programs. Can you truly teach someone who doesn’t think they need to learn?

  • Persuading people to allocate time to coaching and training
  • Convincing senior managers of the benefits of ongoing learning
  • Improving employees’ perception of learning and coaching programs
  • Beating blockers embedded in an organisational culture that limit learning

Mark McPherson

Best Practice Behaviour

  INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION: The great debate – Can you really calculate ROI on L&D?

In this interactive debate, panellists and delegates will discuss the extent to which workplace learning can be quantified and calculated. Are L&D practitioners who question the ROI of L&D traitors to the profession or just brave individuals?

  • Can you truly measure the embedding of behavioural change shifts?  
  • Why is calculating L&D ROI so problematic?
  • Which ROI calculations make the most sense to CEOs and CFOs?
  • Common L&D metrics and their pros and cons
  • How relevant is the Kirkpatrick model today?
  • If we don’t quantify and calculate ROI, what is the alternative?

Vanessa Blewitt
Learning Effectiveness Lead
Global Training and Learning

Andres Jonmundsson

Head of Learning and Development
Fuji Xerox

Paul Swain
Head of HR 
Dymocks Retail

Panel Moderator:
Richard Maloney
Founder & CEO
Engage & Grow




Conference concludes





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